fashion illustrator

A fashion illustrator is responsible for the planning, translating, and transforming of the mood and look of society. He or she defines fashion trends and the future demands of the market. Because clothing is a form of personal expression, his or her ability to create new designs offers new ways of dressing and style. The fashion illustrator also needs to possess familiarity with the functional value as well as the aesthetic value of different fabrics.

The fashion illustration course covers fashion drawing and colouring techniques, opening the door to imagination and helping the student in the development of their own personal style. During the program, students will undertake a lot of practical exercises and realize hundreds of fashion design drawing and different types of collections. Students will also study fashion history through the course, and will get introduced to trends of coming seasons.

Generally a fashion illustrator can work either as a freelancer or for a fashion house. He or she is responsible for creating the collections with help of a team. He or she works with the marketing team, production team, the head designer, the prototype office and the quality management.
The professional works closely with consulting studios or businesses, and also stays in close contact with commercial areas, the prototype production, and mass-production. He or she also works with traders, stylists, and the warehouses.


Total hours: 1742 academic
Lesson duration: 3 hours (4 academic)
Duration: 2 years
Fee : € 5700