pattern-and dress maker

The pattern-and dress maker has a fundamental role in both the process and outcome of clothing production. He or she works in the following major departments: women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel. The pattern-and dress maker can work in both mass production and for private clients. The hand-crafted quality of couture pieces has always been appreciated by the middle-upper and upper classes.

The course is designed in response to the urgent demands for pattern-and dress makers from division firms. The program aims to train professionals capable to work independently and being able to transform designers' drawings into patterns and final products. This course is based on developing the patterns to be realized first with paper then if necessary with muslin, and finally with fabric. The program is up to date with the newest fashion trends, usable materials, fibers and yarns, production and sewing techniques.

The pattern-and dress maker can work independently, as part of a company or for customized orders. In general, in smaller clothing companies, the pattern-and dress maker works in direct contact with the head of clothing production, while in larger companies his of her responsibilities are distributed among several different figures. For example, while one works with the pattern, another works with the prototype coordination and quality control. Although there is new technology available in the world of tailoring, a pattern-and dress maker can guarantee the highest level of quality in craftsmanship to the finished garment, which is what makes him or her irreplaceable.


Total hours: 2012 academic
Lesson duration: 3 hours (4 academic)
Duration: 2 years
Fee : € 5600